by mackey

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released January 1, 2015



all rights reserved


mackey Connecticut

New "Strangers" mix. Tried to get more volume!

Check out my YouTube channel=mackeysmind www.youtube.com/user/mackeysmind

This is my latest solo effort using an 8 string guitar. I write, record, mix, and master all guitars, bass, synth, and vocals. Drums are created with EZDrummer 2.
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Track Name: Cobwebs
It’s time to clean out the cobwebs
Time to think again
It’s time to clean out the cobwebs
They've been there far too long

I’ve got to remove these cobwebs
Clear out my mind
Breathe new ideas into the fire

Burn, burn, burn
Burn, burn
Track Name: The Greater Good
Let’s dig the deepest hole together
Let’s look up at night and see the smallest percentage of stars
I will hold the light you see
I will lose it as you make a wish
You can watch it fade into the prettiest color of all

…and I will believe
I will believe in the greater good
I will make that wish come true
I will hold my breath to stop time

Let’s live our lives in shadows
Let’s make eye contact in the darkness
I will pretend there’s light
I will wish for a thousand suns to consume our minds
our lungs
our hearts
our love

Let’s be the light through the dark
Even if no one can see it
Track Name: Passerby
The funniest thing just happened
I fell flat on my face and picked myself up
I did not break anything but my stride
Collision only brings sympathy if you get hurt

Passerby, please feel for me
Lend a hand instead of laughing in my face

The saddest thing just happened
I fell flat on my face and could not get up
I broke my nose, I broke my jaw
I couldn’t ask for your help yet you did it anyways

Passerby, please feel for me
Lend a hand instead of laughing in my face
Passerby, thank you for your kindness
I am a wreck and you helped me
get back on my feet again

Not everyone will look away
You can find good in this world
Track Name: The Author
This advice is priceless
Take it with you wherever you go
Hold onto it tight
Follow it word for word
It will take you far

These words hold the key
To happiness, despair, and everything in between
Remember them
Live them
Give them life and they will give it back

Prance around the story
Push and pull at its theme
Make it your own
Fill it with your ways
and make it pulse with your heart

Live by your own words
Not mine